Thinking about what would represent most of my thoughts during the last 19 years of my life in which my photopoems were evolving to this point, I want to explain why I use this tiny little creature as a symbol. My way of communication is through archaic symbols; Proteus for me is a symbol of the unconscious related to ANIMA MUNDI (world soul - present in all religions). Proteus means first or primordial, an ancient sea god, but the important adjective Protean signifies versatility, flexibility and adaptability - such is the importance of water in Zen tradition - capable of assuming many forms and as therefore having power over all things. The second name "human fish" or even "baby dragon" are for me the symbol of "the merging of East and West" (also the name of a very important Zen writing by Roshi Philip Kapleau). It is strange, but it must be so that the natural environment of the »human fish« is mostly water in completely dark caves reduced to the region of southern Slovenia, Istria (where my father was born) and Dalmatia (where my mother was born) and a little part of Bosnia and Hercegovina, where cultures from East and West are fusing and thus teaching us about tolerance. I find it very interesting that only in a few Slavic languages do the words "budan" (Buddha) mean - "to be awake". Don't ask me why.

Well, I decided to let the broadest public know the names of individual donators, institutions, multinational corporations, churches, etc... who are co-founders of my fund for the realization of God's will called PROTEUS. As you well know the NEW COMMANDMENTS, I solemnly announce my sober and fully conscious commitment to do my best with all my heart and soul to realize them fully and truly. Here is the list of actors and factors of the noble gesture who are irreplaceable in making this MISSION not just possible but making it a REAL THING.
The Gates family - Will, Bill & Melinda; Michael & Diana Bloomberg; Donald & Melania Trump will probably support the project confirming so their understanding of the moment. I hope they will act as great philanthropists denying rumors of the opposite, giving back a little bit of their wealth to their customers, deserving so the »rare title« of »noble man« who understand the mistery of life.
Microsoft, Youtube, Wikipedia – their support is crucial for realizing the project!
Thank you all making brighter the history of humanity.

Mr. Bono Vox announced that he would accept the mission of messenger of the project by spreading it world-wide, so I declare: »The project is alive!« One man has come in the name of love, please don't let him go. We have a good chance to win as humanity, so please don't be egoists. I believe we can make it once forever, don't you feel the common spirit?, we can touch each other, we are ONE, we are one big family and this is our common destiny, please don't let ourselves down. We can do the possible for the owners to bring back the money stuffed in tax oases without any charge for the owners if they want to invest it in any kind of humanitarian project or in clean technology, or projects for refugees such as schools for learning the local languages for their most rapid possible adjustment in their new environment. It is about time to start with forgiving, we all are sinners. I humbly urge the rulers of the states worldwide to close their eyes to these violations (tax evasion), otherwise we cannot start solving the problem. Tax oases are full of money. »Someday I'll harness that power!« (words of Nikola Tesla when he saw Niagara falls), and he enlightened the world. We can do it NOW in a spiritual sense. It is like having a blood bank full of blood with a virus and billions of people desperately needing that blood to survive. This project is comparable to the vaccine against the blood virus. Please close an eye - let's save this world. Time's up, because seeing the extent of world poverty every day and being indifferent is a shame on mankind, so: LET'S INTRODUCE THE UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME, NOW, to avoid the »new world disorder«. The last chance before the total abolishion of money, where the last will be the first and the first will be the last.

Water of love deep in the ground
There is no water here to be found
Someday baby when the river runs free
It'll carry that water of love to me/us.

This song was written by Dire Straits – it is not a case because things/situations have their names. Mark probably didn’t know about the power of this song - maybe because he was talking about his personal/micro experience and he didn't think further; but I must say that this song depicts this precise moment in a macro way. I was singing it so many times, trying to understand what he wants to say... I remember Albert Einstein saying that problems of this level cannot be solved by solutions that this level offers, but always by a solution that comes from the upper level. That could be, or is simply the theory of evolution seen from the aspect of science. The interesting thing is that the most widespread prayer in the Catholic Church is the Lord's Prayer and the passage "Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven" means that the Idea is always emerging in a spiritual realm with other worlds in one's mind and then down to the earth. That's why they used to say: "From idea to realization." Each idea has a starting point and a goal - its mission. The realm of unconscious is free of time and space, which is why in our dreams we can talk with people who passed away a long time ago. The language of dreams is not understandable for the sober mind because of the different way of functioning. Music works in the realm between the two and we haven’t yet deciphered the magical effect that music has on us - but we can recognize a common element. Remember the eruption of primordiality of Jimi Hendrix's pieces. You can see and hear the power of his performance and you are wondering how but I say: behind the great things are always great men and you can feel it through their quotes: »When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace«. That's why these people are IKONS. It's been more than forty years, but young people are still going crazy despite the tastes in music changing. It means they can feel it and feelings are the measuring unit in the spiritual realm able to change things in the concrete world; as Jimi says: »Music doesn't lie. If there is something to be changed in this world it will happen through music.« Imagine someone who named a music album: “Are you experienced?” A question of an ‘old soul.’ They say it is the question of taste as to what you are listening to, but I agree with Jimi. It is a question of Experience, of what your mind is able to reach and your soul to feel, a question quite similar to that regarding perceiving god. Through the experienced one talks the experience - no matter what he is performing you can feel it. Not all classics are great, but the greatest remain in time because you can feel the devotion to music and with it god. The mission of music is inspiring us in this pathetic material realm in which we are clamped or clamped down because of greed, reminding us: "Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven."'s_Prayer

Everybody knows the effect of a concert full of people where everybody sings like one. They are one soul regardless. This time I had an Idea to spread this, let's say project, worldwide in a modern way that modern technologies offer. By introducing the internet we became a global village as they say; but the most important thing is that we never had the possibility to grow so fast as mankind in a human sense. It is like a drug in music opening perception and therefore useful, but when drugs are abused the perception remains open for too long and so one loses their ground (Jim Morrison - break on through to the other side). That's why the seventies are archived as harmful and they clog the bottle too soon, but the spirit from the bottle was positive. People should recognize it as a gift of god and so are YOU TUBE and for me the book of all books - WIKIPEDIA, a universal book everybody can learn from. Young people do not like to read because they have no time, they are living too fast and the encyclopedia of the modern times offers them a quick view of what are they looking for with just a click - and that is a gift because it helps them to grow much faster than ever before. The common awareness is growing to become the one and only ruler of the world, but we are still far from it and we can see it in self-appointed gods which should be far gone in history.

Finally, what is my mission.
This attempt will be on my WEBSITE: KOANPHOTOPOEMS.COM an open worldwide collector of support for the presidential candidate MR. DONALD TRUMP to become president of the United States of America not because of him or because of the prestige of the noble title but because we'll give him a mandate to stop each attempt of abusing power in all fields of life of American citizens. With this act "the president" will mean the person who took the responsibility of the welfare of all their citizens no matter what, and if not he will be aware that we can... squeeze his balls (speaking in necessary vernacular). I want to activate, agitate and involve the whole humanity in this project to be actors and factors of their personal and common destiny to think, to visualize Mr. Donald Trump as President of United states because if the Anima Mundi works as one piece this pattern will overwhelm the whole world. Donald won’t let us down: in this collective poker he is God’s Trump. Let's see if it works, now! Not now? When? We only have one life


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