It is hard for me to expose these letters that I kept on my computer for so long because I was evaluating whether to send them or not, asking myself if my ego was trying to force me to do it. At the end who am I to treat this sensitive issues this way? But then, simple people without any "title" or school diplomas, without any power or voice, as am I, have few chances to express their feelings or their point of view so, I decided to expose them this way - otherwise I would feel as a fetus conceived in love and then aborted. Why? To prove to myself that I have no problems with my ego? No, this would be wrong. For things are wrong on this world and few want to face them because they are "too complex" as few wanted to face an "inflated ego" of Hitler when he still was a minor devil. This man coloured our history mostly black, but that happens when nobody wants to recognize and stop the evil when it is "little", saying I don't care or just minding their own business. I know god's ways are mysterious and I want to appeal to the world society through this three who I believe are the most influential persons to act responsibly as possible to prevent humanity failing this demanding exam. I know there are solutions for any problem, but they must be solved with radically different approaches from those we tried to apply before now because we didn't want to expose the main problem of this sick society - mans EGO-ism - the biggest damned problem of today. So god help us and teach us how to share. Here are my letters.

                                                                                                                                                                                                            Đenio Zadkovič





I remember my mother used to say: »My son, we all have to live in the sense of 'live and let live' but my father used to add: »Yes, your mother is right but in this world with an idiot you can interact just in an idiotic manner, because otherwise an idiot does not understand.« I use this example to illustrate how very differently the »west« sees the »east« and vice versa. There are so many things we should overcome as mankind because they belong to history or we'll remain in the dinosaur era as religions have. Imagine a multinational corporation which »allows« us to redeem our sins by just going to church, to make a confession to the preacher deleting our sins with a few prayers and a contribution before leaving. A conscience laundry. A payable service. Are we kidding? This pattern is the root of tax evasion. A human body has 5 liters of blood in circulation and on the top of the head "we" agree to have a sort of by tube which is filling another body which must be hidden. After a while our first body becomes anemic because it does not have 5 liters of blood in its circulation but only 3 liters or less and the consequence is the collapse of the body, but "we" still have the hidden one which is vital and flourishing like heaven. Isn't that cheating? If it is, why, or, better, who is allowing it? Sheep: we are all allowing it, because we are not aware of anything and it is in the interest of the machine to keep us in darkness.

Yes, Jesus said to his disciples to make a few customs, not rituals, to remember him by, but I am afraid that these customs are all that remains of the doctrine of Jesus. A simple liturgy ­ I don't say it is little, but they are not transmitting the essence of his teachings. How so? The »western« society is the biggest religious society in the world and it has the name of the Christ which is a shame, because in its name territories around the world were exploited and the autochthonous were enslaved. Are Christians the richest because »in god they trust«? No, but because they were enterprising, resourceful and working people...or is it just a misunderstanding of the notion of freedom? It fits Darwin’s theory where the »Lions« rule. Mankind is beyond the jungle? Where is the conscience of western Lions? Still extant? Two thousand years have passed but we didn't move forward one step. Jesus came to show us how to share, how to be noble, to respect all that is alive. Why are we worshipping him if we are behaving as animals ­ and this comparison is offensive for animals ­ but actually is it just a euphemism? On the other hand, there are people who hit women because their walking was too »strong« and so the jingling of their decorations was too loud and they argued that hitting the women for that was because of her violation of the law/codex the society introduced for the respect of women. Shall we put them in cages? Oh, god. Have you ever heard about FREEDOM? Freedom is just one of the many names of god and it is equal to love. The only way to respect them is to treat them with love. They all are someone’s mother, daughter, sister. The problem of the world society is the problem of abusing power especially in the relation man/woman: and the pattern derives from religions. Man must develop the empathy or become able to empathize with the woman ­ switch the conscience »on« as »Lions« must empathize with others or our lives are meaningless. When lives are meaningless terror is the only master. What about religions as they are? Are they still useful or is mankind becoming too »demanding« for them. The evolution of the mind is accelerating toward a free individuation process wherein each of us can perceive god free of any dogmas (from the Greek dogma: opinion) and so­called "holy scriptures".

No more poverty, respect for women, respect for the weaker, clear conscience and freedom for all. Such commandments shall be "new" forever until the ego deflation as a consequence will reduce bluffing, lying and all perverted inventions of ego to reveal our real self, find our inner peace – the common denominator of all living beings transforming the power of greed to the power of love. And if someone still wants to abuse any power the people will consider him as a primitive and not »tough« as they think they are considered today – a simple dinosaur lost in history, an idiot.


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