Religions were inspired by great individuals over time, to all of whom we owe our gratitude, to the thinkers and the religions that preserve the great thoughts, the memory of those thinkers who have now become Dragons. Through my photopoems I express my own taste for the cream of each religion, in the whole of which I suppose I infer a unity. But of course each individual must be a wild sheep who grazes from flock to flock, choosing his own fodder - or his own cream. If all our lives we are searching, wondering, then when we reveal a little of ourselves, and this is pure mercy - yet we soon realize that what we recognize, and it comes as a revelation, was always in us. I respect all religions that I know, but in Zen literature I found what I was missing in others. Zen koans are for me the most evolved way to focus on essence and through these koans we can see the level of our perception, or, better, our open-mindedness. That's why Zen is not a religion for me. It is rather a mind training to understand the mystery of life but much, much more. I try to express myself through photopoems, not Zen koans, however much my pieces are influenced by such koans - perhaps my photopoems are Zen koans, of a different form. Never mind. In the end, we will see, any and all will see, the conclusions that are never reached are the same for all. We should not forget that Buddha was not a Buddhist and Muhammad was not a Muslim as Jesus Christ was not a Christian, they were simply enlightened by the one, they were composers of their own music inspired by the divine. We all are just their followers chanting their lives’ experiences - but I think the time is NOW for mankind to compose a new unique motive of love, a hymn to the one and only god that everybody can find in our hearts without any "help" from outside. The new religion shall be an individual religion which means »no religion« at all, because no one can usurp the exclusivity of interpreting god. It is just guessing and the result of guessing is: »it seems to me«, from where emerges the opinion - DOGMA in Greek, where our gods are based. Who knows god is quiet and believe me no one knows god because each religion contains some nonsense, or, let's say, errors. God is perfect, there is no room for errors in this apparently imperfect world, otherwise it is like Jimi's quote: »I've been imitated so well I've heard people copy my mistakes.« In other words, religion is not a faith. No faith would ever condemn Jesus. A true faith contains a healthy doubt as a protective instinct without whom the faith would be as religions are, blind faith, with all respect, so…

This new time demands a modern spirituality, not religions that divide the world population into us and them, but one that unifies us. As we can see, religions are not providing proofs or concrete evidence of God's existence as much as they may try - they know that it is in vain. God is free and thus imperceptible, formless but still the essence. If simple people know it, religious leaders know it much better. Even if we gather all religions together with the effort of all, the result will be the same. Knowing this, the competition among religions is over. The new global center of modern spirituality was established in 2016 in Piran - Slovenia - Europe by Đenio Zadkovič, not to make a revolution but just to take a step forward on the evolutionary spiral where humanity has been stalled for so long: as we can see through the incapacity of societies to share the wealth equitably among the world population. If we don't make this step humanity will continue using 5% or even less of its brain capacity, which is a shame - as it is a shame that 1% of the world population possesses 56% of the total wealth, which is resting mostly in banks and tax oases, where it is totally inert. Something is wrong! I think that people have had enough of global crises, increasing poverty, criminality, corruption, terrorism, abuse of power, new age slavery and of feeling helpless. Children know that it is all about money. When will adults live their lives in love, peace and freedom? To whom may they turn? Who is the society: 1% or 99%? Nature is the best teacher, let's take photosynthesis as an example: Light with plants make sugar and that is perfect, without entropy. What we have as a situation is that the 1% consider themselves the sugar of the society, but they forgot plants - the 99% from where the sugar derives. That's why we have an enormous entropy in tax oases. Only with the help of light (photo - phos in Greek), clear conscience, will the sugar be spread fairly among the plants. Or maybe this example: Thesis : sugar is more important than plants. Antithesis : plants are more important than sugar. Synthesis: there is no sugar, no plants without light. If we unthink the 1% without conscience who care nothing for the society, we have quite a good chance to make progress. If the rich complain we will organize a world referendum on the secrecy of money transfers in tax oases and elsewhere. If it will not be enough we will simply abolish money. Rulers of the world take it as a warning, not a populistic act but the will of god, because the only “piece” of god in us is CONSCIENCE. The more your conscience is clear the more you are aware of God and that is the true power, not meant to be abused, but to enable the love of everything that is alive, changing the whole world into heaven, not just a few oases. Solidarity must be the basis of modern society in which volunteers should have a special status and respect. There still are things money can't buy. Philanthropy means the love of humanity, in the sense of caring, nourishing, developing, and enhancing what it means to be human. Let's make the shift – a new paradigm for modern times, taking the hope out of Pandora's box and putting back in all scourges of the world. But that's step 2. The first step must be spiritual: from idea to realization.

Agenda :
Establishing the fund for financing the construction of the Bank of United Nations in Koper - Slovenia - Europe for humanitarian purposes
Stopping wars forever!
Organization of the meeting TRUMP – PUTIN on the theme of peace in the world in Piran Slovenia - Europe in 2017
Introduction of universal basic income – the first step in a free world
Start working!

P.S.: I know, believe me I am aware of how pathetic all this could be perceived, but in the end I don't want to accuse myself of not trying to live my life as I think is correct. I am totally apolitical, sincerely I feel pity for so-called democracy as I hate communism because the sickness of the world society is a product of both, because both were/are abusing power, a condition that cannot be tolerated anymore. Don't be afraid about the universal basic income - it is not a restoration of communism, but just a way to stop global disorders. States worldwide are short of money, many of them are on the edge and some of them close to bankruptcy, so the basic income could be a good excuse for states to print money illegally. Who knows if it is not already happening? Survival usually takes precedence over ethics and morals and I am asking again: Whose invention was this emotional polygon (our miserable lives), who was so cruel? God? Man?... or everything just simply is?
G.W.F. Hegel
Thesis: The Absolute is Pure Being
Antithesis: The Absolute is Nothing
Synthesis: The Absolute is Becoming